is a textile-first creative studio based in Paris, France. We design and develop fashion collections and textile-related projects by leveraging our trend expertise, 3D Technologies, and a pattern-making savoir-faire in order to meet our clients’ needs whilst fulfilling cost & time requirements.
Constantly pushing forward, we strive to use cutting-edge tools and processes to solve contemporary problems whilst keeping in mind cost-effectiveness alongside environmental and ethical issues.
Our fully equipped Parisian atelier has all the necessary tools to bring your next ambitious project to life.

Our studio was born from a desire to synergise our diverse and specific skill sets, experiment, research and explore new solutions in an effort to find better alternatives to current paradigms.
We guide you through your design process.
Get access to our in-house curated trend forecasts.

See our forecasts.
Advice on color selection according to seasonal trends and color ranges.
Choice of fabrics for your garments inline with your requirements and product specifications.
Guidance on garment elements.
Ultra-fast development with 3D Technology.
Virtual Sampling
2D Digital Pattern
Virtual Sample
Manufactured Sample
11x Increase in production speed.
Sample Lead Time
Sample Adoption Rate
(without 3D)
Sample Lead Time
Sample Adoption Rate
(with 3D)
Meet the team.
Hello, it's great to see you! 🖐🏻
Samuel | 26 | Developer / Designer
Paris, France
In an effort to leverage state-of-the-art web technologies and friction-less User Experiences (UX), Samuel Bassett develops portfolios, webshops, and digital platforms optimised for performance and durability, offering future-proof solutions combined with modern and bold aesthetics.
Samuel, 26 ⚡️
Developer / Designer
Paris, France
Irene | 28 | Designer / Stylist
Paris, France
Irene Astete is a stylist and designer. During her time as a student in Paris she developed a quirky, left-field vision stemming from her many years at the conservatory of music, a fond interest in the arts, and a fascination for science. She is currently working as an in-house jersey developer at Balenciaga.
Irene, 28 👽
Designer / Stylist
Paris, France
Grégoire | 26 | Fashion designer / Trend Forecaster
Paris, France
Grégoire Willerval, a multi-award winning fashion designer, is best defined by: optimisation, irony, and serendipity. As a lover of the arts, a design aficionado and die-hard sports fan, he strives to help clients communicate their vision in the best possible way.
Grégoire, 26 💾
Fashion designer / Trend Forecaster
Paris, France
Caroline | 24 | Fashion Designer
Paris, France
Caroline Dussuel is a fashion designer combining creativity and savoir-faire. Constantly on the lookout for conscious and innovative solutions, her forward-thinking mindset paired with 3D Pattern-Making skills make her a strong asset for garment prototyping and a valuable source of new solutions tailored to clients’ needs and the market.
Caroline, 24 🌞
Fashion Designer
Paris, France